Reasons and Solutions for Credit Card Payment Failures

Due to credit card reasons, some customers may fail to pay by credit card during the shopping process. If the customer fails to pay during the payment process, please refer to the following content to resolve it.

NOTE: During the payment process, please fill in the email and phone information to ensure the accuracy of personal information. At the same time, BAMMAX promises not to use customer information for other purposes.

1. DO NOT HONOUR: If you do not accept, it means unauthorized. You need to authorize the cardholder's phone, explain to the card issuer that it is my payment, and let it go. After authorization, we can usually send the deduction again.

2. HIGH RISK: You need to provide a credit card or ID photo, the middle number of the card can be blocked, and the first four and six digits of the card number are retained.

3. EXPIRED CARD: expire / cancel credit card, re-order and change card payment

4. INSUFFICIENT FUNDS / OVER CREDIT LIMIT: The balance is insufficient or the amount is limited. You can recharge or re-order and change the card

5. If the credit card payment fails, we recommend that you use Paypal to complete the payment.

If you encounter any problems during the payment process, please Contact us in time and we will solve the problem for you as soon as possible.

Thank you for choosing BAMMAX