About Bammax


BAMMAX is a professional provider of baby products, such as baby playpen, baby balance bike, baby carrier, diaper bag backpack, baby pillow, baby gate and so on.We develop products based on the deep analysis of customer's demand, and choose excellent supplier according to strictest criteria to ensure that every product we provide for clients are high quality. Better BAMMAX, Better Childhood.

Bammax cherishes fleeting moments. Baby’s first word, first laugh, the first step. We want to witness them with you. That’s why we have created a mother & baby brand of home accessories and toys that will make these experiences even more unforgettable.
We create easy to use and impeccably-designed products that will let you build a unique and curious environment for your baby to grow up in.
Our aim is to provide families with design objects that incite interactions between all its members and inspire them to explore the world together with their child. We prioritise safety and functionality of our products as we want them to accompany you on this exciting and challenging journey of parenthood.